What We Offer

Synchronizing Panel

Synchronizing Panel works between two or more different power sources like DG sets to manage power supply. During low load we can run any single unit, and synchronize more units as the load increases. This can be manual or automatic.


  • Synchronize different DG sets
  • PLC / software control synchronize
  • Enhances the efficiency of generator and its longevity
  • Monitor voltage , current and power
  • Totally integrated automation for power management application

  • MCC (Motor Control Centre) Panel

    These are effectively used with motors or submersible pumps to provide sufficient protection from overloads and short circuits. These are high on performance, require low maintenance .

    PCC (Power Control Center) Panels

    Its basic function is to control power supply to various units and equipments as per their load requirement so that they can work in harmony.


  • Power distribution & control.
  • Ground fault protection
  • Monitoring and alarm panel

  • PLC Control Panels

    Programmable Logic control (PLC) Panel basic function is to monitor& control the process in various sector like Food, Pharma, Water treatment, oil and gas , material handling, Power etc., . The data handling, storage, processing power, and communication capabilities of PLCs are very fast and accurate. PLC control panel are high levels of tolerance to temperature, humidity, vibration, and longevity.

    VFD Control Panels

    These are designed to control the speed of electric motor . The VFD panels are widely used in tube mills, paper mills, extruder plants, rolling Mills, cable industry and CTL Lines. VFD control panel are designed to match variable speed requirements of a process unit and so are vigorously tested on various speed parameters.

    APFC (Automatic Power Factor Control) Panels

    These panels are used in commercial buildings and industries where there is fluctuation in voltage and power supply.


  • Helps Curtail power factor penalty and save energy through continuous monitoring of power factor
  • Reduce maximum demand ( KVA) and Energy ( KWH) Consumption
  • An application based system configured with multi bank capacitors, multistage protection and safety devises.

  • Feeder Pillar Panels

    The feeder pillar panels are used to terminate and distribute the control circuits. These are used in almost all the industries, townships and housing societies to put all the cut-outs together.